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Overhead Lifts
For overhead lifts, track is mounted to the ceiling and has a power
unit that travels back and forth that lifts the individual in a sling
from one point to another. The most common use for this type of
lift is used to move an individual from bed to chair, chair to toilet
or tub, or from chair to other locations in the home. There are two
models available.

The PC-2
The PC-2 is a portable overhead lift unit that does not require any doorway modifications. It can be used in multiple locations
throughout the home simply by moving the power head. The unit
is a power up and down only and requires assistance back and

The C-4
The C-4 model offers power up and down and back and forth
options. Depending on the individual�s capabilities, this unit can
offer independent transport from different locations throughout
the home. A typical application is a continuous run of track usually
from the bedroom area to the bathroom and to any other area
desired in the home. In most cases extensive door modifications
are required.

Different styles of slings are available to accommodate a wide
variety of needs.

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