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Driving Aids
Driving Aids offer alternative methods of driving and operating a vehicle. Some of the most common pieces
of equipment are the hand control, spinner knob, left
foot gas and transfer seat.

A hand control allows the gas and brake to be deployed using your hands. The hand control is typically mounted
to the left of the steering column and several inches
below the turn signal. The most popular style of hand control activates the brake by pushing the handle
towards the dash of the vehicle while the gas is
operated by pulling the handle towards your lap.

The spinner knob is mounted on the steering wheel and assists in steering while using the hand control. The
left foot gas pedal is mounted to the left of the brake
pedal, allowing you to deploy the accelerator using
your left foot.

A left foot gas accelerator is commonly used by stroke victims or amputees without use of their right leg.

A transfer seat is a power seat base for the driver
or passenger location that offers a greater degree
of motion back and forth, up and down and also up
to a 180 degree swivel, making the transfer from their wheelchair to the factory seat easier. These driving
aids are only a few of the many that are available to address special needs.
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